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Here are some FAQ answered by Compare Sign Prices.com
How Do I Mount My Signs?
Corrugated plastic signs can be mounted on either wood or metal stakes (H-wires or Step Stakes). The plastic sign has lines or flutes that run either horizontally or vertically. You must request that your signs have vertical flutes if you want to mount them on H-wires. Horizontal flutes are better for wood stakes because the sign is less likely to fold in the wind. You can attach the signs to wood stakes with a staple gun or with roofing nails that include a plastic washer to keep the sign from tearing.
H-Wires inserted in sign flutes
Sign nailed to wood stake
How Do I Add Graphics To My Sign?
Most sign companies will add your logo to your sign, but they require it to be a vector graphic. Files in .jpg or .gif, format, especially graphics copied off the internet are raster or bit mapped files and are not suitable for sign printing. Sign companies typically charge $40 to $80 to set-up your logo if you can't provide it in a format they can use. This is usually a one time charge and is not charged when you place future orders with the company.

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